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Facebook just got creepier!

, March 10, 2014, 0 Comments

Facebook just got creepier-MarketExpressThis is not the first time users have raised concerns over Facebook’s privacy policies. It certainly won’t be the last. While the social media site has had a remarkable influence in people’s social lives, the company has more often than not been the butt of most privacy complaints today.

Facebook was very recently in a class-settlement that cost them nearly $10 million using user images without the user’s consent in sponsored ads. No number of lawsuits seem to have helped this snoopy company retain even a little bit of the integrity it used to have. Despite repeated lawsuits, Facebook is back again with privacy policies that will make you question the need to be a part of such a network. Maybe it’s time to reconsider reading those lengthy privacy agreement policies.

If you have already updated to the latest version of the Facebook app on your mobile device, here’s what you probably missed by not reading those agreement policies. In a rather large nutshell, Facebook can do the following:

– Pass on your phone numbers without your consent

– Read your SMS/MMS messages regardless of content or confidentiality

– Change network connectivity, prevent phone from sleeping, reorder running apps

– Record audio, take pictures and videos anytime without permission (regardless of whether the app is running or closed)

– Send out emails without your knowledge

– Delete your contacts

– Read personal calendar including confidential information

– Read calls (incoming and outgoing)

– Read your own contact card including all personal information stored on it

– Write call log

– Send sticky broadcast – the ability to access/ retain sensitive data from your phone even when your session is over and the app is closed.

– Change and modify wallpapers

– Get information on different accounts you have on the device irrespective of how sensitive the account is (including Banking accounts for crying out loud)

– Modify and delete contents of USB storage

– Download files without your consent

User privacy has taken a hit from not just Facebook. Many companies are fast followers who invade your privacy in similar means. This isn’t to say Facebook is unsafe to use. Facebook has for a long time emphasized its serious commitment to user privacy. However, with so many recent changes that seem far too personal than social, it does make one want to question the company’s integrity. If you thought you saved minutes by not reading those privacy agreements, think again. Facebook just got creepier.