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Launch your Android device

, March 18, 2014, 0 Comments

Launch your Android device-MarketExpressIf you were to point out the best thing about Android, it is simply being able to customize and make your phone your own. A major reason for Android’s soaring popularity is the presence of multiple third-party application launchers that let you customize your home screen as opposed to being stuck with what you have if you own an iOS device. Some of the launchers that we love and swear by are:

Nova Launcher free
Nova is one of the more popular Android launchers that exist today. This was the first launcher I used when I moved from an iPhone to an Android phone. I was initially quite intimidated with the many options to customize your phone. If you have been a long time iOS user or have never customized your Android device, the task of setting up your phone can be time consuming and may require a few trial and error sessions.

Features – Change homescreens, reorganize icons and widgets, add in docks and makes your phone a lot faster.

Nova does have its own premium version. However, the free version is by itself quite sufficient and is supreme in comparison to many other paid ones in the market today. If you don’t like it, there’s no need to worry. Simply uninstall and everything will be as it was before you installed the launcher.

GO Launcher EX free
GO Launcher is an user favorite in the Play Store. It is ridiculously easy to set up and is known for its user friendly options/features that would make the whole customization process a lot smoother.

Features – Tons of wallpapers, skins and icons to choose from and simple configuration options
GO Launcher is a beginner friendly Android launcher that we would recommend to anyone starting out. It is easy to use and comes with impressive skins/wallpapers.

Buzz Launcher free
Another user favorite – Buzz Launcher has an ocean of home screens you can choose from and is a crowd pleaser with its snazzy designs. What makes it better is many of those home screens are user-made.

Features – Huge selection of home screens, apps and widgets

With Buzz Launcher, it’s really the themes that set them apart. If you love a stylish looking phone, this launcher would make your phone look like a million bucks.

Apex Launcher free
Apex Launcher is known for being great with older Android phones. Their choice of homescreens are quite limited. However, Apex takes the cake for functionality and hiccup free performance.

All of these free launchers have prime versions which offer you more control and flexibility in customization. The free versions are still worth using for a decent upgrade on your Android device.