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Ways to organize your digital life

, April 17, 2014, 0 Comments

Organize your digitial life-MarketExpressKeeping on top of things in a digital life such as ours is one of the biggest hurdles we face today. We are put forth with so many new technologies and trends that it has become a daunting task to remember to perform tasks. Here are our thoughts on some of the task-managing apps that are supposedly making waves.

Google Keep
Google Keep is a crisper, post-it version of Evernote. It is straight forward and is the perfect note-taking tool for all your post-it addicts. With Google Keep you can create notes, record pictures and voice, create checklists and add reminders making it simple, to the point and effective. Just like post-its, you can change colors of your notes.

What we like: Simple and clean interface, voice notes and location-based reminders that pop up notes when you’re near or in a location and impressive integration for Android users

What we don’t like: Barren of organizing features (most of the organizing is done by color), Unimpressive iphone app, no bookmarking feature

Verdict: It is definitely useful for taking quick notes and is a pleasure to use in an Android phone. However, Google Keep cannot replace and be the all-in-one organizing app you would want.

Todoist is a great web app that syncs across multiple devices. This is a great organizing apps that lets you create projects and is the perfect companion for anyone that is already used to a bit of organization in their lives. As a free user, you can create projects and add tasks to each project. There is nothing too fancy about the interface. It is plain, simple but rather drab and boring to look at. However, if you respond well to such interfaces that are to the point, Todoist is worth a look.

What we like: To the point, mobile apps work offline

What we don’t like: Many of the cooler features such as labels and ability to filter completed tasks are premium.

Verdict: Not to do for anyone that is learning to be more organized. This app cannot motivate anyone to be organized. Rather it is for someone who wants nothing but straight forward organization.

The most popular task-managing app there is, Evernote is a perfect companion for anyone embracing a life filled with too many gadgets and is always on the run. It can do much more than note taking. It is an entire office (be it personal or professional) tucked away in an app that syncs across various devices. You can organize this app to your hearts’ content.

What we like: Evernote can easily replace your office desk. Everything from receipts, certificates, official documents, recipes and more can be filed and organized away in your Evernote account.

What we don’t like: The ocean of features just gives the feeling of moving all the clutter from your home/ office into one digital account without any real organization.

Verdict: Once you get some orientation of how to use various features, Evernote is one of the best task-managing app there is.

Imagine a sleek and clutter free version of Evernote. That’s Springpad for you. You create Notebooks in Springpad where you drop your information and that includes bookmarks. Springpad’s smarter in its interface and has better organizing features compared to your Evernote which makes organizing a breeze with Springpad.

What we like: No orientation required to understand the many features (a definite plus compared to Evernote), it is actually possible to be very productive with Springpad owing to its clean and visually appealing interface. Ability to browse public notebooks and follow them.

What we don’t like: Web app is better than mobile app

Verdict: For a more visual experience, Springpad is the best task-managing app there is. It can do pretty much everything the above mentioned apps can do. Just add great looking interface to this and you’ve got yourself a highly organized digital office in your hand.