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Note App Review: wonderful wunderlist

, January 29, 2015, 0 Comments

wunderlist note app-MarketExpress-inWho ever said productivity apps have to resemble a bunch of 3M post-its or like an extremely bland looking Excel sheet? Wunderlist is “wundrous” because it has the coolest looking app that makes managing tasks an enjoyable thing to look at. But is it good at helping you get things done?


Let’s start with the first and foremost thing – the cost. Wunderlist is free. So you are not siphoned off and have the app at your disposal regardless. Of course, there are paid versions for the app. There is a pro version and a business version. These make more sense if you are managing a small team of people or run a business.


The inspiring backgrounds make task management a lot more fun and not some boring thing to get done with. Part of what makes Wunderlist an awesome productivity app are the beautiful backgrounds. However, the option to upload your background image is currently unavailable.

Platforms and Real time syncing

The Wunderlist app is available across all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle Fire and of course, the web). Wunderlist has also introduced real time syncing of your data across all your devices not too long ago. This is great especially for those grocery lists that we conveniently forget to take with us. The real time sync can sometimes be flaky. So you want to make doubly sure that you have the lists synced before you head out the door.

Discover and be inspired

Who said productivity apps had to be just about you? Discover hundreds of public lists across the world and be inspired to create your own. You could even publish your own list to inspire everyone.

Multiple tasks and Task Delegation

Another nice feature of the Wunderlist is the option to add subtasks to tasks. The free version allows unto 25 subtasks per task. Wunderlist also allows adding members to various lists which makes delegating tasks a breeze. Both features are unlimited when you upgrade to the paid versions.

 File Upload and Audio recording

Like Google Keep, Wunderlist lets you record audio and attach them to tasks. You can also upload files with a limit of 5MB and that includes any kind of file.

There are tons of productivity apps that offer similar features with not-too-shabby an user interface. Wunderlist is a complete productivity suite that offers all sorts of features you could want in a productivity app without many bugs. Yes, there are a few things they need to work on like achieving 100% success in real-time sync and giving users the option to change background images. Nevertheless, Wunderlist is one of our top apps for productivity.