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Instant Pin Generation – Hero at the Time of Crisis

, February 16, 2015, 0 Comments

instant pin generation-MarketExpress-inDebit cards are assigned to help you withdraw money from your bank account anytime anywhere. For accessing your money, you’ll require a personal identification number (PIN). These days, no matter where you use your debit card for making payments while shopping or at a restaurant, you have to enter your ATM / debit card PIN. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has passed this as a mandate to create an additional level of security in an attempt to reduce debit card fraud in India. This is more so important for debit card transactions because in this case, the money gets debited immediately from the owner’s bank account.

Added Security
The ATM/Debit card PIN offers an additional level of security in case your card is lost or stolen. This is one reason why you need to create a PIN that is difficult for anyone to guess to avoid misuse. Memorizing your PIN is important as you’d need it for authenticating yourself while carrying out any monetary transactions. Once you open any savings account with a particular bank, and apply for an ATM/Debit card, you’re then assigned an ATM/Debit card PIN for transaction purposes. This PIN number can be changed whenever you open your account and also can be regenerated in case you forget your PIN.

For security reasons, you’re always advised to change the security PIN provided by the bank as early as possible. Also, it is important to change your security PIN immediately whenever your card is lost or stolen. But, what do you do when you have the debit card with you but you forget your pin.

So many passwords for multiple account make it difficult for the youth today to memorize these passwords and security PIN.

So, how do you instantly generate Credit/Debit Card PIN.

Hero at the Time of Crisis!
Kotak introduces instant PIN generation services for its customer. Users like us, who tend to forget ATM/Debit card PIN can now get it instantly by following 3 simple steps with Kotak Bank’s debit/credit card PIN generation services.

All you need to do is download the Kotak mobile banking app on your smartphone.

Mobile Application
Download Kotak Mobile Banking App
Log into the app with your CRN and MPIN and tap on the relevant Debit card button
Now select “Regenerate PIN”
Enter the expiry date of your Debit Card followed by the Debit card details along with the new PIN.
Finally, select “Confirm”
You are now good to go with your new PIN

NET Banking
You can also create a new PIN via NET Banking.
First, login to your account
Then, select “Service Request” under “Banking”
And, finally, click on “Regenerate PIN”

Customer Care
Another way to regenerate your Credit/Debit card PIN is by calling the 24X7 Customer Contact Centre (Toll-Free). The phone banking officer will assist you through the steps. You can use the newly generated PIN immediately after system confirms it has been regenerated in a successful manner.

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