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Positive thinking versus Critical thinking for small business

, April 4, 2016, 0 Comments


Ezilarsan PKP: What should be the best growth strategy for a startup?

Prasad: Sorry, there are too many ways in which a startup can grow. No one strategy works for all startups. It depends on the context, competition, its own strengths, market opportunity and risk appetite of the leaders in the startup.

Ezilarsan PKP: Benefits of positive thinking versus critical thinking from a small business perspective.

Prasad: Positive thinking allows one to see the opportunity and grow that opportunity. Critical thinking will increase efficiency and bridge the gaps in its offerings, quality and service standards. Both are needed at different times. Positive thinking has been useful more often when you want people to be engaged, excited and want to bring their creativity to help the team and the company. Critical thinking is needed when you are trying to analyze strategy, explore holes in the competition or identify niche markets to move forward.

Overall, I would say that growth depends on seeing opportunity and moving with confidence. Positive and negative thinking helps create steps to the future. Critical thinking generally only focuses on what is wrong instead of what is right.

Prasad Kaipa, an Executive Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Educator  and author of the book From Smart to Wise, shares his  Insights on Managing & Leadership. Prasad focusses on innovation and leadership coaching since 1990, for about 120 C-level executives in Global Fortune 500 companies. Prasad’s unique competence is in helping his clients find their next significant step and take it.
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Interviewed by Ezilarsan PKP – Founder, Editor  of MarketExpress – India’s First Global Insights & Analysis Sharing Platform