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Water: A bond of seven births

, October 26, 2018, 0 Comments

waterAs the water flows from bucket to her pot, she could see the seven colors that the sun is gracing her with. Water, the source of her happiness and she the harbinger of this good to her family. Putting the pot on her head she starts a journey to her home.

With her blistered feet, she moves forward step by step. With every step duty bound, she moves ahead following her marriage vows of devotionally making a family and looking after that. Tied to Agni for seven births, in seven ‘Pheras’, seven colors were ensured to them and their families. Everyone was happy including herself with her eyes full of colorful future and full of expectations of good that Agni would bring to her life, by giving height and shapes to her dreams like a cloud.

No doubt she is too ominous for the family as she is a woman with two breasts and one womb and thus a wholesome gift for the family. Not only she would fulfill the desire of Agni, but also give birth to more Agnis. She would also provide an invaluable gift to the family in the form of seven pots of water every day, for free. Besides this, Agni had been rewarded with a good amount of strength to bear her ‘weight’ and for consuming her within himself gradually and slowly. Now her once youthful face is marked with carvings as if in need of fulfillment of long lost cravings. Her hands are full of cuts in feeding off her family. Her feet are scratched in paying off daily devotion to the well full of water where she prays for the well being of her family and pray to Varuna (The God of water) to keep a gracious eye over them. In spite of all physical injuries and pain that she bears, there she is moving unnoticed, unaware towards her abode. As a magician can do things instantly she also brings magical pots as if just in an instance without any labor. It is necessary for her to do magic each and every day to settle down the fury of Agni, her ‘God’, her very ‘Identity’.

Strange it is, the insatiable fire and the ever flowing water. Neither backs down. Strange are her dreams and her power to see those dreams where she is flowing freely like water, taking many shapes and carving her own way like an antecedent river. Similarly strange is the desire of fire to conquer the very spirit of water. Above all of it astonishingly strange is their co- existence.