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The Swing

, May 9, 2019, 0 Comments

relationship-the-swingAn evening walk sets a series of emotions in our mind, like the swing. The happy, innocent playing faces with mischievous smiles, the sweet smile of couples perhaps doing a lot of chit- chat and making lovely dreams and plans for the future, the focused expressions, the serious one just focused on specific goals, the tired expressions wrenched with a feeling of loneliness, the sad faces with unfulfilled expectations, the broken hearts.

Relationships are like a swing that keeps moving back and forth. Emotions are the driving force behind that swing and human being, the one, enjoying the changing course, sometimes try to control the force behind that swing according to his own comfort and many a times leaving it uncontrolled, to be swayed by the emotions deluge.

Strange! We know that the joy on the swing is temporary and the swing can stop or can be broken, we sit on that, we enjoy it, develop strong emotions and want to enjoy it forever. But a time comes when that driving force starts getting to fade away, law of averages sets in. We still remain there, waiting for someone to give the push, i.e. Force, yearning for someone, but a time comes when it stops.

And then that swing gets empty, standstill, as if looking at the void, still waiting for someone to come, ever ready to accept new people, to get occupied, to get enjoyed, just the need to ignite the driving force, the emotions.

The swing, part and parcel of human life.