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The Silent Story

, April 16, 2020, 0 Comments

slient-story-marketexpress-inThere lies shaped mud all around silently depicting various emotions, various stories, various forms, but all interrelated, nostalgic and connectable. There is speaking silence all around with the baked mud, water pot lying inverted on the floor, broken structures of double storied house with utensils depicting the emotions of co- habitation, a large walled playground virtualizing children playing thereon, broken ring wells depicting the story of water, terracotta based structure showing the love of art, so on and so forth.

Looking at the remains of the time it feels like those structures would again come back to their lives, live with us, depict their stories and share all the reminiscences. Though the thing once gone is gone, but in reality it is always our part, always living. We can never be detached from it, it is our part and we are its integral part.

History, the storyteller entertains us with many of its stories, history the greatest teacher enshrines us with the realities of life, history a beautiful painting showers us with different colours and history like a blank paper scribe on it the future.

In its essence, it is very part and parcel of our life. In that sense shouldn’t that be more beautiful, inspiring, and depictive. Isn’t it our right and responsibility to prepare us to be a part of that history which is less about the conflict, but more about cooperation, less about destruction and more about creation, less about talking and more about giving.

Let’s come together to make a more live and less mechanical history, more kind and less crying history.

Let’s come together to make a bright history.