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Learning over Competing

, June 9, 2020, 0 Comments

learning-competing-marketexpress-inTo watch a child grow is the most fascinating experience which transcends all joy for parents bringing up one. From infancy to childhood, the formative years of a human child is not only an ecstatic expedition for parents, but also a responsibility towards the Nation as every child is an asset to the country.

By the age of two, children are aware of their individuality and abstractions of life. Fear, anger, love and care emerges out ostentatiously, oblivious to any judgements. Only if we could leave these tender minds to explore or to seek solution, rather than inoculate them with our belief and ideas, it perhaps would make better of them.

Though we are able to inculcate dedication and diligence, but at the same time we also instil competitiveness within them. The unblemished minds thus try to gratify our ego and stand out in every competition. As they reach adolescence the spirit of singularity invades them. Working for passion, learning for joy remains debilitated. Various art forms are dying, not only because of its ineptitude to contrive acceptance in the present generation, but also due to avidity to defeat someone in a competition and hence enforcing dominance.

It is only the teachers and the education system which can ingrain into the minds the truth of success which is not in worsting another person, but achieving excellence through self-reliance and perseverance.

This can happen only when the value of an individual is not measured by the amount of wealth he accumulates, but by the happiness and reverence earned.

If only children learnt to recognize sincerity and appreciate potential and proficiency, they would learn to value themselves.

Such attributes of personality should be infused at a very early age. Many children are not fortunate to pursue education for a long period of time, so discerning children raised at an early age with noble values can contribute to keeping the mental state of society at its best. History is witness that conquests and vanquishments have never fetched harmony, it only opened routes for brutality and viciousness.

Competitions led to conquests and conquests left only a catastrophic collapse of cities, economy and lives of people.

It isn’t difficult to imagine a world without a never ending pursuit for materialism, a need to dominate and compete. What a wonderful world it would be! It would be refreshing to wake up to a world where children enjoy learning and live each day with enthusiastic vigour to do work of their choice. How delightful it would be to see our children happy……