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Delving into the concept of education

, September 4, 2020, 0 Comments

education-marketexpress-inThis prodigious attribute of human nature to be able to cope up with the uncertainties and not repudiating transitions elucidates the human existence for more than six million years. Humanity has survived several epidemics and pandemics. Plagues, yellow fever, flu and many more have left civilizations ravaged, yet humanity perdures. 2020 is another year of appraisal for human beings.

Apart from food, it is only education that can ensure the permanence of the human race. Thus, spreading education to every corner of every small town and every remote village becomes integral.

Education is not merely literacy. Knowing how to read and write alphabets is not education. Education is the ability to perceive. It is understanding emotions, acquiring an aptitude for appreciation and manifesting respect for all creatures. The capacity to discern rectitude is intrinsic to education. No child is born with this knowledge. They learn from their surroundings and their elders. Hence the design of the curriculum cannot be restricted to learning textual science, mathematics, literature or social studies. Every curriculum should incorporate philanthropy as a requisite. It should also include taking education and technology, even to the interiors of the country, where people are still deprived of basic necessities. This would thwart the unnecessary exodus of people from villages.

Teaching them new and efficient methods of agriculture would avert their ingress into towns and cities in search of jobs and an illusionary world. This education would prevent them from realizing only later, the soreness of leaving behind the greens of the countryside. On the other hand, this act of social service could discover young scientists and mathematicians blooming in the resplendence of villages.

It is essential that we consider each individual as a resource for learning something new, that we may not already know. Therefore, it is imperative that education reaches every part of the country, so that everyone can impart their knowledge of their respective fields easily and eloquently.

The benefits of the ongoing virtual classroom have not reached many students in remote areas. This wouldn’t have been the situation if digitalisation in rural areas was considered earlier. Now it is upon the youth to accomplish the task of reaching out to these interiors.

Sadly, we depend on the youth whose future stands in abstruseness. Students preparing to get into colleges are not sure, neither the students who are working zealously to complete their degrees are certain about a secure future. They are living in an illusive haven.

We have celebrated 73 years of independence and we are still to make among the top universities of the world. There still hasn’t been enough education to do away with corruption. There are still stigma and shame surrounding the topic of mental health. Lessons of benevolence and kindness are still lacking.

Perhaps the people holding the reins are in plausible deniability. Yet there is hope, hope to see our Nation rise to eminence and establish its grandeur once again.