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‘Oppressed’ Human Oppressors

, November 22, 2020, 0 Comments

oppressed-human-oppressors-marketexpress-inAnimals always get left out and victimized by humans, and that is why I no longer yield to the altar of humanity, nor lend my voice in fighting for the human-created hypocrisy that is human rights. When all the ‘oppressed’ non-vegan humans of the world—women, the rest of the LGBTQIAP+ community, other minorities, etc—stop abusing animals themselves, I would find it in me to actually care about their individual oppression even though I identify as many oppressed groups myself!

For now, they are just hypocritical animal-oppressing oppressors.

Unlike the billions of hypocrites in the world, I condemn ALL oppression. Speciesism is evil, just like racism, sexism, heterosexism, and other man-made -isms are wrong. And if humans don’t care about those who they oppress every moment, why would I ever yield to them? If you don’t have compassion towards animals, you don’t deserve any in return.

As Gary Yourofsky said: “Why would any human, poor or rich, black or white, gay or straight, religious or atheist, be allowed to rape, enslave, commodify and murder animals? Why would anyone be exempt from behaving ethically? If poor people aren’t allowed to have human slaves, or rape and murder children, then the animals are off limits too!”


I have been not always vegan. 

Like many, I was raised into eating animal products. I never would have thought that I was an animal-loving animal exploiter, but that is what I was. And I’m admitting this because I used to have the blood of innocent animals on my hands, too. I used to obliviously consume the products from a repeatedly raped cow and unknowingly support the evil egg industry where male chicks get macerated/gassed/frozen in their first day of life. I used to consume the flesh of sea animals, chickens, turkeys, and lambs. I used to unknowingly contribute to animal suffering and abuse, but then I woke up from society’s speciesism, and now, I’m no longer an animal abuser.animal-thinking-vegan-marketexpress-in

I’ve always known that animal cruelty is truly evil, and as a vegan, I’m aligning my actions to those morals. 

And I have to say that the hard part of being vegan is the fact that I can’t make the billions of apathetic people care. But nevertheless, I would rather be hated, scorned, and hurt even more, for telling the truth and standing for the animals, than be accepted by staying silent.


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