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How to Make Car Insurance Claim Using An App

, December 14, 2020, 0 Comments

Purchasing a car insurance plan secures your finances from an unfortunate accident that can take a toll on your pocket. Numerous small expenses can add to be a lot at the end of the year and thus, insurance can turn out to be a lifesaver. But when a need strikes, how do you make a successful car insurance claim? Let’s understand how you can do this for reimbursement as well as cashless car insurance claim.

Types of Car Insurance Claim

There are mainly two types of claims that you can make in car insurance.

Cashless Claim

  • You get to avail cashless claim by taking your car to a network garage associated with your insurance provider
  • By taking the services of a network garage, you do not have to pay the bill and the receipt will directly be settled with your insurer

Reimbursement Claim

  • If you take your vehicle to a garage that is not associated with your insurer, then you need to claim the bills via reimbursement method
  • Firstly, you have to make the bill payment from your own pocket and then submit the originals for filing a claim with your insurer
  • Ensure to maintain all the receipts, payment slips, etc. given by the garage. Your insurance provider will then minus the deductible amount from the claim amount and reimburse you the money.

Procedure for Car Insurance Claim

Depending on the situation such as own damage, theft, and third-party, the claim process varies. Many insurers also have online websites and mobile apps for a smooth claim process. You can file quick claims with the ILTakeCare car insurance app which offers you network garages and instant online inspection for your claim.

Own Damage

  1. In the event of own damage, you should intimate the police and your insurance provider about the occurrence
  2. It is advised to avoid waiting to contact your insurer as soon as possible as such claims have a stipulated time period. Not reporting it in time can lead to rejection of your claim.
  3. A surveyor will be appointed by the insurer to assess your vehicle and the damage
  4. After inspection, a report will be sent out to the insurer
  5. Based on the report and the terms of your policy, your claim shall be settled accordingly by the insurer


  1. If your car has been stolen, you need to contact the police as soon as possible and file an FIR. This can be used as evidence for your claim
  2. Then intimate your insurer about the occurrence of theft
  3. You will have to submit documents such as your car insurance policy, Registration Certificate, your driver’s license, etc. Your original car key will also be required.
  4. In the event where the police aren’t able to trace your car, a non-traceable certificate will be generated
  5. Your insurance provider will use this to compensate your dues and clear the claim as per the terms of the insurance


  1. Intimate your insurance provider immediately if you have caused loss or damage to a third-party
  2. But if a third-party has caused damage to your car, note down the details of the vehicle owner and their insurer.
  3. The insurance company will then transfer this case to the Claims Tribunal who shall end up deciding the compensation amount to be paid out

How to File Cashless Car Insurance Claim?

  1. Contact your insurer about the claim immediately via call or email
  2. Once your claim is registered by the insurance provider, you shall receive a claim registration number that can be used for future communication
  3. You can now take your car to any of the network garages associated with your insurer
  4. The insurer appointed surveyor will examine the damage incurred and send a report to the company.
  5. After your insurance provider sends a go-ahead, the garage will then repair your car
  6. You can collect your repaired vehicle after the work is finished and submit the required documents. The insurer will directly settle the bill with the network garage.

How to File Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim?

  1. Intimate your insurance provider about your claim as soon as possible
  2. Once the claim is registered by your insurer, you shall receive a registration number for any future communication
  3. The insurer appointed surveyor will then examine the damage incurred by the car and submit the report with your insurance provider
  4. After the insurer approves the claim, you can take your car to a preferred garage. The expenses will be paid out by the company after submitting the original receipts and bills.

With this, you can now make successful car insurance claims and get the rightful compensation without any hassles!

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