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Kids Development: Lessons learned from Nikola Tesla and his imagination

, March 3, 2022, 0 Comments

tesla-imagination-kids-development-marketexpress-inAran is the youngest and the cutest son of his home. He had five elder siblings. From an outsider’s point of view, Aran’s was a happy family and he was a cute little boy. But according to Aran, he has a shitty life.

Kids always have different thoughts and they never sync with the adults. A miraculous thing according to a kid’s perspective may differ in an adult’s vision, he/she might think it’s nonsense and vice-versa.

Just like this, all the ideas of Aran get neglected by his siblings. His gaming ideas – rejected, his menu – suggestions – rejected, his tiny little works and arts – yep rejected too.

Denial is always a mood killer for anybody and our little Aran is no spare in this matter. He began to shun himself into solitude and leaned towards books. One might think books don’t kill!!! Yes, they don’t but only taking in the things is a one-way process. Our little Aran failed to see that. Mom began to find that something is odd in him. She tried talking to him but it all ended in vain. She went through his things and found that he is struggling a lot to finish his work. His drawings, essays, crafts, etc., everything was left halfway.

When mom tries to find out why she noticed that her children are the main reason. But children don’t do things on their own. They imitate their elders. She realized that she and her husband had a big part in their behavior. In turn, they are doing the same to their siblings. She thought of rectifying her mistakes. She thought of beginning it with her youngest son. The only way to reach him is through books. So she found an amazing book.

The book was about Nikola Tesla, it was written in a way to explain kids easily. She kept the book among Aran’s things. He started reading the book. He found all of his inventions like tesla coils, AC and the induction motor, etc., very interesting. He learned that Tesla loved his calculations very much. He had no one to explain but he had a habit of jotting down all his thoughts. He gets dreams like completely solved equations and solutions for his blocks.

While reading these it appeared to Aran like the greatest motivation of his life. He really wanted to know more about Tesla. He reached out to his older siblings, forgetting their disputes, and asked them to explain more about Tesla’s work. Through their help, he learned that, without this AC- current, current cannot be distributed efficiently over a long distance through wires. This means that the places near electrical producing units can only receive currents efficiently and other places would still have erratic power supply. He realized that because of Tesla we get to transfer current from place to place and it helped many people to explore and invent new things. So when he learned more about the premonitions of Tesla it gave him a boost. It made him lend his ears to his thoughts.

He began to complete his works and tried many new things. His mom sat him down and said that we don’t have to wait for others’ approval. We have to live our life the way we want.

Everything in this world has a beginning to it. Anything we enjoy now, for instance: good technology, transportation, communication etc., was not just a day’s process. They all once had a bad beginning, multifarious failures and many hands-on experiences to be in its present successful state that we enjoy today. We admire big inventors, architects, and creators.

We speak great about them, recount their hard work, and consider them as our role models. But when looking at our young kids most of us fail to see that there are thousands of possibilities for those juveniles to become one such great achiever we adore. They are like musical instruments. It is in the elders’ hands to tune those instruments properly to make good music. Let us not restrict them, rather channel or handhold them.