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Kall Ramanathan

Consequence-based Strategy and critical actions

Modern Businesses, especially established brands, get so caught up in the pressure of being competitive that they want to be agile and quick to respond to any situation in the public domain. So, they quite...


The Start-up: Are you losing Focus?

Let us start with a little introspection, and a simple question that revalidates the objective. Why did you found your start-up business? Was it to: Deliver some benefit to your potential customers? Fulfill your desire...

Innovation in china :The Rise of xiaomi-MarketExpress-in

Innovation in China: The Rise of Xiaomi

Xiaomi, which literally means “little rice” in Mandarin, just became the largest smartphone manufacturer in China, edging out none other than Samsung. Add to that on the world stage, Xiaomi has also upped its market...