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Vani Aggarwal

New Development Bank: A challenge or complement to financial system

Challenging the World Bank and the IMF as a response to their failed reforms or complementing the existing market players with efficiency and not a competition, the New Development Bank focuses beyond those things and...

plain packaging-MarketExpress-in

Smoke or smokescreen: The plain packaging case at the WTO

Australia is the first country to introduce laws on restricting logos, branding, colors and promotional text on tobacco packets in a bid to cut smoking rates, infuriating big tobacco companies. The law has attracted opposition...

Elections Economics-MarketExpress

Electionomics: Tug of war between elections & economics

Social science has two fundamental branches i.e. politics and economics. Recently, elections are tempting people to get involve into it, which has divergent the focus from economic scenario. Elections and economics are mutually exclusive variables...

Indian Economy IIP-MarketExpress

Overview of Indian Economy: 2013-2014

Over the past one year, in the financial year 2013, the Indian economy is anticipated to grow at 4.9% (CSO) as compared to 4.5% in FY 2012 with higher output in both industrial & agriculture...