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Vidya Narayanan
Mobile First MarketExpress-in

The Real Truth About Mobile First

“Mobile First” is a phrase that has been added to the buzzwords hall of fame in the recent years. It’s a paradigm shift and a phenomenon really. You need to be living mobile to understand...

Consumer Facing Applications-MarketExpress-in

My foray into consumer facing applications

Those who have worked with me so far know me as a core technology person. From my days in networking, developing solutions for Internet mobility, security and multicast to my recent years in context aware...

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Culture – The #1 Reason To Stay Or Leave

Brian Chesky of Airbnb wrote a stimulating letter about culture to his employees, recounting the advice he received from Peter Thiel. This is old news, but lately I’ve been thinking about what makes the difference...

difference & different-MarketExpress

Know the Difference – Differences Vs Different

Whatsapp has successfully capitalized on the messaging market by changing some old habits around SMS and chat applications.  Slack now is attempting to do the same with email.  In a way, we could look at Facebook...

Culture On Leadership Abilities - MarketExpress

The Impact Of Culture On Leadership Abilities

Bloomberg published an article about why Indians in senior leadership positions are sought after and I found it particularly interesting that it was written by a non-Indian.  Leonid Bershidsky observed that Indians possess a mix of empathy, humility,...

Diversity in perspectives - MarketExpress

Diversity in perspectives and a confused tech community

Diversity is a loaded term. When it comes to expanding the horizons in corporate settings, we should be looking for “diversity in perspectives”. The tech community has demonstrated that it is at best confused about...