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Chinese internet gaints & industry leaders-MarketExpress

Chinese internet giants on verge of becoming industry leaders

Recently China’s largest online direct sales company Jingdong, or (JD), successfully launched its initial public offering and raised $1.8 billion on the Nasdaq. Very soon, its domestic rival, Alibaba (ABABA), the largest e-commerce company in China, as well...

Apple global-brand-marketexpress

Apple dethrones Coca Cola in best global brands ranking

US consulting group Interbrand has crowned consumer electronics giant Apple as the best-performing global brand in its 2013 ranking. Long-standing leader Coca Cola was relegated to third place after Google. Interbrand’s latest ranking saw US...

Greece’s largest company leaves for Switzerland

Coca Cola Hellenic has confirmed it will shift its corporate base from Greece to Switzerland. The move of Greece’s largest company is another blow to the nation which stands to lose millions in revenues. The...