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The Power of Social Listening: A Launchpad to Success on Social Media

Ever wondered what the internet is whispering about your brand? If not sure, you can find out simply by listening. Yes, you read that right! Listening to what your target audience and existing customers say...

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Marc Chandler’s Insights – Always Emerging

There are 195 sovereign states, according to the United Nations, and two “observer states” (Vatican and Palestine). The high income countries in North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific account for about 15% of the sovereign...


IMF: ‘Bumpy’ road ahead for emerging economies

The IMF’s managing director, Christine Lagarde, on Tuesday warned the emerging countries of the world that the road ahead could be “somewhat bumpy,” and urged them to be “vigilant for spillovers” from China’s slowdown, tighter...


Tianjin’s Questions for the Emerging World

The Chinese are buying copper mines in Afghanistan. The Chinese are re-directing the flow of rivers in Ecuador. Even as ISIS continues to tear Iraq apart 38% of foreign investment comes from China. Moreover, a...