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Explained: What causes a tornado?

Tornadoes can be destructive and hard to predict. We know why they form and that climate change can play a part — but we can’t always see them coming. Here’s why. Tornadoes can be terrifying...


Can hydropower withstand a future of extreme weather?

Hydropower has long been seen as a reliable renewable energy source. But during drought and heavy rain, hydropower plants often come to a standstill. Will climate change spell the end for this clean energy alternative?...


How do you insure yourself against climate change?

Wildfires in Australia, blizzards in Texas, now flash floods in Germany and Belgium: The growing likelihood of extreme weather has insurers and homeowners alike wondering how to best minimize risk of climate change. Many people...


Climate change is happening — but it’s not game-over yet

Global warming isn’t just an environmental problem — it will affect every aspect of human life. Our response has to be just a wide-reaching — and experts say people power can still save the planet....