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US chipmaker Nvidia strikes AI gold

The artificial intelligence boom has seen Nvidia achieve stunning financial results. But other companies, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon, want a piece of the action. Semiconductors already occupy a pivotal place at the center of...


Personal computing today was ‘unimaginable 20 years ago’

It’s no joke, April 1 is a big day in computing history. In 1972 Intel released its 8008 microprocessor and four years later we had Apple Computer*. But Brian Kernighan says we still don’t understand...


Intel to buy driverless tech firm Mobileye

US chipmaker Intel has announced it will buy Israeli tech company Mobileye. With the multibillion-dollar acquisition, Intel wants to obtain a leading role in the production of autonomous driving technology. In what’s deemed to be...

Small Medium Business Intel symposium - MarketExpress

Small Medium Business (SMB) Intel symposium

Intel thrust on SMB  (  Small and Medium Business ) is growing sign of recognition that how India’s MSME are one of the critical key component in India’s growth story. Intel SMB Symposium 2013 held...