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CCI & Platform Competition: The regulatory elephant inside your hotel room, retail store and App Store

The Economics of Online Markets [1] continues to puzzle the Competition Commission of India ( CCI ) even after releasing their market study findings [2] of the E-commerce sector in India on January 8, 2020....


Airbus A380: The end of a multibillion-dollar dream

The last Airbus A380 has been delivered, bringing the program to an end. Once seen as the future of travel, the world’s biggest aircraft turned into a flop. But for the plane-maker, it was still...


Supersonic and hypersonic commercial flights firmly in view

There hasn’t been a supersonic passenger airliner since the days of the Concorde. Now a test aircraft is ready to try again. Another plans to hit four times the speed of sound and enter the...


Flying in 2021 — It can only get better

Hardly any other sector was as hard-hit by the coronavirus pandemic as aviation. But COVID also brought unexpected opportunities for an industry seemingly in peril. There are some unexpected success stories in a year that...


Vacation rentals in huge demand among ‘safety-first’ holidaymakers

As countries gradually ease lockdown restrictions, people craving for an excursion are heading to nearby holiday homes. Go-local is the new mantra among holidaymakers seeking both safety from the coronavirus and privacy. Holidaymakers across the...


Climate crisis: Is travel writing — or even traveling — still morally legitimate?

As we grapple with climate change, travel journalist Paul Sullivan considers the cognitive and moral dissonance involved in selling destinations at a time when the planet needs us to be traveling less. It was while...