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Kenya: New tax frustrates digital content creators

Digital content creators and influencers in Kenya will now have to pay 15% of their earnings in tax. But many are frustrated over the new legislation, calling it exploitative and a blow to their creativity....


Streisand effect in Business

The phenomenon of the Streisand effect is that it kind of prevents access to have an opposite result or to elude the heedless outturn of sketching considerable attention towards it. The term originated for Barbra...


Is Social Media Harmful? Should they be strictly restrained or banned fully?

Today I was asked a question. “Given the speed with which negative and fake news spreads with social media, should we consider Facebook and other social media platforms as harmful and ban or control or...

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Tech giants report more than $50 billion combined profits

Apple, Microsoft and Google’s parent company Alphabet have seen a surge in revenue. The results are attributed to the coronavirus pandemic — but also the easing of lockdowns. Tech companies Apple, Microsoft and Google owner...