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Managing your Second Life – social profile

, July 12, 2013, 0 Comments

Almost all of us are part of the big, (dare I say bad) world of social networking. I say bad only because it can be time consuming, or even a time waster depending on what you do and is psychologically damaging too! But, despite the potential ramifications to our health, wealth (you are a lottery winner con mails which are after your money) and time, we are part of some social network tool.

Not all is bad though. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn are good for our career, learning through LinkedIn influencers and even contacting mentors for life! Not all is bad even with Facebook. We get to “reconnect” with old buddies, create business pages and market our business to our contacts.

These days even potential employers check your Facebook or any other social media profile to gauge you and check you out. So what information you have on the web can create a lasting and profound impression.

So, remember: –

• Your social network personality should match the ‘real’ you. You don’t have to pretend to be outdoorsy when you like sitting at home and watching TV. You don’t have to necessarily attend many parties if you’re not the type just to upload pictures and prove (or so you think) a point.
• Be judicious about the social network you want to be part of. Checking, replying, commenting in every tool can eat into your productivity. Use technology like hoot suite to help manage your social networks.
• And importantly don’t say (type) or upload anything you will regret or pay a heavy price for!