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Five tips for the professional: Using technology smartly

, June 28, 2013, 0 Comments

Over the last couple of weeks we discussed the pervasiveness of the email and PowerPoint in our working lives. We also discussed some tips on how to make these work for us.

The underlying link in email and PowerPoint is the influence of technology. Over the last decade and especially the last five years has seen a technology explosion. Technology has entered our lives making everything faster and better.

Understanding that technology rules our lives and will only become more pervasive we need to use technology wisely and make it work for us. Technology has helped and is helping us our lives.  With that in mind here are five tips on using technology wisely

1 – Use the different productivity apps available. Some of the apps have desktop, smartphone and tablet mobility. These apps make our working life easier and some of them are like your personal assistant. My favorites are Producteev, and Evernote.

2 – Up up and away on the cloud. We always used the cloud through email way back at least for me from the late nineties. Now everything is on the cloud and better still you can store every precious memory and document on the cloud. Gone are the days of worrying about a hard drive crash and the need for backing up on an external drive. My favorites in the cloud storage area include dropbox, carbonite, google drive and skydrive.

3- Learn and educate yourself with the help of technology. Make good use of online learning. You can sign up for a course and get a certificate from a university miles away from home and you don’t need to be on campus. Some courses are offered for free!  Check  Coursera

4- Enhance your skills by reading books. E books are cheaper than hard copy books and if you have a tablet or an Ipad you can store hundreds of books easily, read up to two or three books at once and even bookmark them virtually without having to search for a physical bookmark.

5- All of us are connected to friends and family through social network. Be it networking with friends through Facebook or professionally through LinkedIn, we have tattooed our web presence on one of these sites. If you have decided to be “social network” active make use of technology to save you time and effort of shifting from one social network to another. Make use of a tool like Hootsuite that connects you to all social network sites in the one place.

What are your recommendations for using technology wisely?

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Aarti Iyer is a Sydneysider who originally hails from Mumbai, India. She has a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Sydney,speaks fluent French and is currently working towards her doctorate in Leadership. She is passionate about writing and author of the book “The Story of a Girl, 60Seconds That Changed Life." Her family gives meaning to her life and when not writing or studying; she enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband and young daughter. Aarti shares her experiences in her weblog FlyingBubbles. ...more