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Kindle paperwhite review – Lighter, Whiter than Paper

, October 9, 2013, 0 Comments

Kindle paperwhite marketexpress

The one product that managed to warm me up to the idea of a digital reader is the Kindle; Not Nook or  iPad but Amazon’s  latest avatar Kindle paperwhite.

Fast forward 5 years and you will find me barely picking up handheld books. If there is one technology that took me aback and had me questioning its abilities to replace handheld books, it’s e-readers. I was skeptical in the beginning and refused to acknowledge this technology except for its page searching ability.

Amazon recently revealed the sixth- generation Kindle  paperwhite. This high-resolution latest Kindle comes with a wider display, higher contrast and faster processors making it the best kindle yet. Let’s look at some of the features.

Perfect under any light
Be it bright or dark, this e-readers touchscreen allows you to read just like paper without annoying glares to put you off your favourite hobby. It’s front-light technology directs the light evenly instead of directing the light to your eyes making it easier and far less of a  strain on your eyes.

Reads like a charm
The improved display lets you enjoy higher contrast making the whites whiter and the blacks blacker. In simple words, it’s crisp and even better than text on paper. What’s even better is that the new Kindle allows you to adjust fonts according to your tastes. With more pixels on this device, reading is just like hand-held books – a comforting hobby to look forward to.

As light as a feather
Even lighter than your typical paperbacks, this device makes reading far more suitable during longer reads. The 6th generation Kindle paperwhite is one of the lightest tablet/e-reader devices yet at 7.3 ounces.

Cool new features
Faster page
turns is one of the added bonuses of having a proccesor that’s 25% faster. If you thought the previous Kindles practically erased time lags between page turns, the page turns on this device is faster than the blink of your eye.

Smart lookup features lets you look up definitions, read up more on Wikipedia and x-ray.

Predictions feature predicts how much time you have left to complete a book based on your reading speed.

Translate text from books/magazines/newspapers into other languages using the in-built  Bing Translator.

Goodreads feature lets you sync up on Goodreads through your Kindle to post updates, share reviews and discover more books.

Borrow for free with Amazon prime membership that is valid in limited countries.

Kindle Freetime
A cool new feature that is designed to create personalized profiles for kids. Kids are rewarded with bages and progress reports to keep track of their reading progress.

Lasts forever
A single charge can last 8 weeks and that is simply the best feature any user could ask for. Amazon has added so many new features and still not compromised on battery life retaining the best and improving it even more this time around.

These are only some of the features of the latest generation Kindle Paperwhite. Reading is not necessarily the best thing to do on an iPad or any rival tablet in the market today. The weight of tablets and the small screens of smartphones make it unsuitable for reading books especially for long hours. An Amazon Kindle is a great device that everyone should own. It is the best e-reader today and is the perfect buddy for every book lover.