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Covid-19: Crisis today and coping with children

, May 12, 2020, 0 Comments

covid-19-school-children-marketexpress-inThe world clamoured in shock and in pain as the viscous face of the virus barged in. A deadly infection surged across towns, cities, villages big and small. A virus which emerged from Wuhan had engulfed the entire globe. Every Nation realized lockdown was the only solution to control the spread of the virus….an endeavour to “social distancing”.

While many old and young, men, women and children are locked up inside their homes, there are doctors, nurses, policemen, sanitation workers, people working in the media, who are out helping patients recover, keeping us informed, keeping the city clean and doing much more.

The cardinal requisite of the moment is that we understand the risks that these warriors in the fore are exposed to and return their sacrifice with gratitude, by staying home without any complains. It is not easy to be locked in our houses when going out to work is not only our habit but also our need. In concordance it is also natural that children repine about boredom yet it is crucial that they should be interdicted from being impetuous. It would be rather beneficial, if parents and teachers could involve them by allowing them to participate in discussions and encouraging them to keep day to day updates about the measures being taken by the government and other organizations to cope with the suffering of the patients, the poor, the loss of lives and the dwindling economy.

The supple minds of children can be enriched with a scientific explanation for the present crisis to increase their scientific aptitude in order to equip them to face such situations in future. This is the time that they should be apprised with the research going on around the world and be accoutred with wisdom to handle odds.

This is not the time to entertain children with pleasures, but to treat them with facts and realities. The reality that progress in life could come to a standstill in spite of human mastery over technology, that the run for success and materialism is unavailing when life becomes only about survival. When life gasps to breathe in isolation, far away from the people who cheer us, it is our family, our home is where real happiness lies, it is important that at this hour we impart to our children lessons of gratitude, selflessness and compassion which are the essence of life to keep it beautiful world.