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foghills-manali-cottages-mountain-viewHoneymoon, the word brings all sorts of emotions, urges to one’s mind and heart. It is a first step of understanding each other in a way that creates a path for future happiness and prosperity. Manali is an awesome place, a popular destination for honeymoon goers and family. Foghills Cottages in Manali - TilganOne should add this place to their travel list and explore the lush greens and snow clad mountain views.

The serene environment and calm surrounding puts you in a different zone altogether, a fertile ground to speak out your mind and heart to each other and understand one another on an incremental basis. Apart from staying together one can visit various places in and around Manali, like Tibetan Monastery, famous for carpet weaving & Tibetan handicrafts; the natural beauty of the Parvati Valley; bubbling hot springs of Manikaran, the exotic solang valley.

Seeing is believing, pack your bags and explore Manali, by staying a little bit longer. Choose wisely the place where you are going to stay & enjoy. The joy of staying away from the crowd and being in the moment with your loved ones is the most important part of this stay. .foghills-manali-cottages-window-view

The bliss of holding your loved ones and waking up in the morning, viewing the snow capped mountains & sipping tea/coffee is a treat in itself. And the small, small talks  and long strolling walk talks add new dimensions to the relationship equation, all these bring strength and clarity to the relationship. The time spent during any stage of the relationship is an investment and directly proportional to the healthiness of the relationship. 

Nature is quite generous in many ways, it offers various options to all things in its ecosystem. Likewise, for humans residing in those hilly regions, stones and wood  are offered by nature as building blocks to build their dwellings. foghills-manali-cottages-bathroomIn Manali, Kathkuni woodwork style is used extensively along with stone, Manali Cottages uses this style and Deodar timber quite lavishly. The Opulent interiors and King size bed  with fine carpets and blankets makes you feel and experience the luxurious aesthetics of the cottage. 

Each aspect of the cottages, Dining area, Bathroom + the accessories, Top notch sponge bed & compact kitchen have  been designed in a manner to give quality comfort and create the feeling of the home. It is a perfect setting to understand and know each other in a home away from home and with full privacy & comfort.

After exploring and sightseeing, one can crash into a small abode of yours,  enjoy and cherish this time in every bit during your honeymoon or family getaway.


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