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Samsung records lowest quarterly profit in 14 years

The Korean tech giant, Samsung owed the slump in profits to weakened demand for memory chips, as the end of lockdown diminished previous demand for new computers and smartphones. South Korean tech giant Samsung has reported its lowest...


Nokia: What did the first smartphone look like?

The Nokia 9000 Communicator — “the office in your back pocket” — was a smartphone even before the word was invented. It has been 25 years since it revolutionized the market. Nokia presented its 9000...


Can electronic media harm children?

Did you know that screen time can cause behavioral problems in children? Or that long working hours can increase your diabetes risk? DW brings you this week’s health news, all in one handy guide! Can...


Personal computing today was ‘unimaginable 20 years ago’

It’s no joke, April 1 is a big day in computing history. In 1972 Intel released its 8008 microprocessor and four years later we had Apple Computer*. But Brian Kernighan says we still don’t understand...


What’s in store for Apple’s WWDC 16?

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off on Monday, giving software engineers the chance to rub shoulders with Apple’s technorati. But it looks like Siri will steal the show. Programmers from around the world are...