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Chinese investments in Europe take a dive

Heightened security concerns on the continent have been just one reason for a sharp drop in China’s investment activities across Europe. A fresh study shows, though, that German firms remain coveted takeover targets. Just how...


4 Key Investment Questions Series – Long-term and Who to approach?

 Who to approach and ask if I have a question regarding my investments or savings or retirement planning? This may look to be a trivial question, but need not be so. Where do we source...


Are women better investors?

Women are indeed better investors on average, but they don’t know it. Most financial products are designed by men, for men. New women-focused digital investment platforms are hoping to fill in the gap. Wall Street...

FIIs . Market,& General Elections India-MarketExpress

FII’s & Market performance around General Elections

India, the world’s largest democracy goes for general elections every 5 years. The next general election for the 16th Lok Sabha will be held before 31st May 2014, as the 15th Lok Sabha completes its...