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Is Russia’s economy really hurting?

Despite Western sanctions, Russia seems to have won the energy market. But some say Moscow will soon run out of cash. Russia’s economy was predicted to collapse after Western countries imposed unprecedented sanctions on Moscow over...


Russia: Possible debt default on the cards

Moscow has failed to meet a deadline for over $40 billion in outstanding debts, as Western sanctions squeeze the Russian economy. The Kremlin has downplayed the news, insisting it has enough to pay what it...

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Sanctions on Russia & Weapons for Ukraine: Knee-Jerk Panic Pared

Bold new sanctions on Russia and more weapons for Ukraine were announced over the weekend.  Russia responded by raising the readiness of its nuclear forces. As a result, the risk-on seen ahead of the weekend...

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Global Automakers Get Blasted in Russia by Ruble Crash

Russians are watching with trepidation and with memories of what happened last time to their rubles: near total destruction. They trust their banknotes as far as they can throw them. And they’re taking action. They’re converting their...