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4 Key Investment Questions Series – Long-term and Who to approach?

 Who to approach and ask if I have a question regarding my investments or savings or retirement planning? This may look to be a trivial question, but need not be so. Where do we source...


Early retirement & Can I retire early

Early retirement phenomenon is getting popular among Indians. Visit any financial forum and you would find that the most asked question is ‘which is the best mutual fund’ and ‘I have X amount of money,...

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8 Benefits of Buying Life Insurance

Think about Life Insurance and many things can fill your mind like tax-saving, financial security for your family in your absence, your child’s education and marriage, family’s ability to pay off loans, among others. Here...

Investor sentiment and corporate event-MarketExpress

Part 2: Small Size Investor sentiment and corporate event announcement

Investor sentiments towards corporate event announcement and the behavior analysis on how they react in the pre and post period of the event. In the previous article of the series, in this study we concentrated on two...

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Where to invest your savings

During these days of high inflation your savings kept in the form of cash is losing its value day by day. If the annual rate of inflation is 8% your cash holdings will lose value...