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German economy plunges by record 9.7%

The second-quarter contraction was the worst ever since documentation of GDP figures began in 1970. The drop was, however, not as steep as the 10.1% contraction that economists initially anticipated. The German economy, Europe’s largest,...


Germany staves off a retail ‘apocalypse’ — for now

A slower transition to online shopping means Germany hasn’t yet seen the same huge number of store closures as the US and UK. Some top retailers, however, are now feeling the pinch amid a slowing...


Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank confirm merger talks rumors

Germany’s two largest lenders, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, have confirmed they are in merger talks, bowing to pressure from the government. Both banks saw their share prices collapse by more than half last year. Germany’s...

germany dual education system

Germany’s dual education system and why do other countries want it?

The German economy is powered by products sold the world over. The strength of Europe’s powerhouse depends on outbound shipments. We take a look at one of its latest exports and reveal the secrets behind...