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Health Prime Rider: Here’s Why You Must Get a Rider that Covers Your Doctor Consultation Fee

, December 1, 2022, 0 Comments

health-prime-rider-health-insurance-marketexpress-inHealth is one of the things most important things in your life. Without health, all the wealth you ever earn will go into spending on your health. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, protection against health emergencies has been an enforced state of importance. Moreover, it has made everyone realise that health emergencies can strike without any caution. Thus, having the safety net of a comprehensive health insurance policy is essential.

Medical emergencies in a household can not only be mentally taxing, but also can become a financial burden if not planned for. With a health insurance policy, the financial aspect of medical treatments need not be worried about. Health insurance plans cover treatment costs, cost of medicines, ambulance charges, and more. But there are certain expenses that are excluded from a policy’s coverage. These are general policy exclusions. However, some of them are available to be included in the insurance policy using additional covers. They are known as policy riders.

What are health insurance riders?
Insurance policy riders are similar to add-ons that are available in motor insurance policies. These optional covers offered by your insurance company provide coverage for treatments that are otherwise excluded from the policy’s scope. Moreover, specific needs of individuals can be catered to at an affordable cost. *

What is Health Prime Rider?
Health Prime Rider is an optional cover that is specifically offered by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company. It is a form of wellness rider that focuses on preventive healthcare and routine medical screening. *

Who is eligible to opt for the Health Prime Rider?
The Health Prime Rider can be opted for by select subscribers of health insurance policies issued by Bajaj Allianz. It can be purchased for themselves in their individual family policy or even with health insurance plans for family. This insurance rider is available for a policy period of one, two, or three years, depending on the tenure of the base insurance policy. Further, the entry age to opt for the Health Prime Rider is defined by the terms of the underlying base health insurance policy. When you opt for this rider, you can even pay premiums in instalments if it is allowed for the base insurance policy. *

What are the advantages of buying the Health Prime Rider?
The Health Prime Rider by Bajaj Allianz can help you get the following benefits:

  •  Tele consultation cover
    With this add-on feature to your health insurance policy, the cost of a consultation with practitioners, physicians and doctors via any digital medium, phone, email, or video, is covered by the insurer. *
  •  Doctor’s consultation cover
    Consultation with a medical professional from the prescribed list of network hospitals is covered by the rider. However, there is no limitation to seeking consultation for a doctor outside the network hospital. But in this case, the reimbursement by the insurer will be limited to a specified amount. *
  • Cost of investigation
    For certain ailments that require pathology, radiology, and other similar investigations, the coverage is available under the Health Prime Rider. *
  • Coverage for preventive health check-up
    The Health Prime Rider also allows the policyholder to avail preventive health check-up for fasting blood sugar, blood urea, ECG, hemogram, and ESR test, lipid profile test, liver function test, serum creatinine test, T3/T4/TSH test, and urine routine test. *

* Standard T&C Apply

As health insurance riders are optional policy features, remember they bump up the overall insurance premiums. However, using a health insurance premium calculator, you can know how each rider impacts the overall premium at the time of purchase.

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