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Two Language Policy, debate continues

, August 11, 2017, 1 Comments

India language-Policy-challenges-MarketExpress-inThe language controversy keeps erupting every now and then in India.

Initially, it was considered that it was the people in Tamil Nadu who were primarily opposed to the imposition of Hindi.Today the people of Karnataka are agitating on the question of imposition of Hindi. They argue that, in Karnataka, people should, by and large, function through the Kannada medium. They were opposed to the introduction of signboards in Hindi in the Bengaluru metro. The Kannada activists took to defacing signboards in Hindi planted on the Bengaluru metro.

The three language policy is not an effective solution to the language problem. In a country with a high level of illiteracy, where the vast majority of the people have not mastered writing even one language, it sounds utopian to experiment with a three language policy. We are in favour of a two language policy where everyone studies one link language, English, and one regional language. The need for a link language is for the educated people. For the common man, it is essential to learn the language of the state where he resides.

Some time back we had published a series of three articles dealing with the language policy.
Therein we had examined, in a comprehensive way,the requirements of a language policy in India -how it affects various sections of society, and the needs of the intellectuals, the students, the academicians and the common man as far as language policy is concerned. In view of the current interest in the topic, we are providing here a link to the series of three articles which were published earlier.

  • Islamic Origin Language Hindi

    Pakistani language Hindi converted states themselves dont learn proper Indian language, why should pure Indian language states (i.e. non Pakistani language states) have to be shoved the Islamic origin Pakistani language Hindi??