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2G Scam: Real Beneficiaries

, September 28, 2011, 1 Comments

2g-scam-real-beneficiaries-marketexpress-inNo matter what, Congress Party or UPA government, trying to defuse the buzz surrounding the Telecom Spectrum Scam (2G Scam) they are again landing in the same spot from where they have started.

We all know ministers have shown favors by taking bribe from Industry but that is how the system works in India. Niira Radia the most important link in 2G Scam has disappeared. Simply speaking now Government want to protect her for their own interest.

Real Beneficiary

Due to controversy surrounding 2G scam the real beneficiary would be the telecom company who will offer 3rd Generation services (3G) at a very high cost. Comparing  the 2G & 3G the basic difference is the benefits derived by consumer. In Case of 2G if Auction would have been held than we would not get to talk at the rate which we are talking, at the same time current 3G tariff indicates that corporation are in no mood to offer the service on a socio-economic consideration. The reason for their approach of deriving maximum  monetary benefit price is due to heavy fees paid by telecom companies in buying spectrum when 3G and BWA auctions were held.  

Recovering the Lost Money

Another very interesting aspect of any scam whether it is Common wealth, Adarsh Housing Society, 2G Telecom Scam is that the Government and Opposition are at loggerheads about the basic technicality of occurrence of scam and wants to draw maximum political mileage and increase political score for their own personal benefits. Neither Government nor opposition talking about the way in which how money lost is to be recovered and how to prevent such an incident in future.


In the backdrop of 2G scam telecom companies are going to gain tremendously, consumers are definitely going to lose and it’s kind of “Zero Loss” for either political parties.

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  • Etansen

    good view point,  but how do indian government realize this..