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Multimillion dollar idea & cofounder pay package

, May 16, 2016, 0 Comments

Cofounder and their predicament: Often one of the cofounders comes up with a multimillion dollar idea and seed capital yet he/she offers not so good monthly pay package to their fellow, full time cofounder.marketexpress-in-startup-musing-multimillion-dollar-idea-cofounders

Cofounder needs to be fair yet being calculative while developing their product and services.

By being fair, it helps to create a good bond among the cofounders, allows them to gel together as a unit. As a unit, it can derive immense strength and can accomplish some impossible task and milestones. Once a minute milestone is achieved, it could spark the necessary motivation and willingness elements within the team and drive them to put their heart and soul into developing the venture.

So offering a decent pay package is not charity from the main cofounder, but an essential ingredient for working towards the venture common goals.

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