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Sharad Pawar to PM : Freez NREGA for 3 months a year

, December 9, 2011, 0 Comments

December 09, 2011 – New Delhi : In a letter sent to the prime minister late last month, Pawar is learnt to have suggested that “at least three months in a year” be considered an “off-duration of MNREGA”. He highlighted that the programme was “adversely” impacting the agriculture sector by “drawing out agriculture laborers from agricultural operations”.

“Keeping in view the rising cost of input, subsidising wages being paid by the farmers to agricultural laborers for agricultural operations may be considered after due consultation with state governments,” the agriculture minister has proposed

Double Standard

Pawar has been “Pro-market” in most things he does, whether it is IPL where highest bidder gets best players or grape producing farmers for wine industry to endorsing his favourable views on largest township i.e. Lavasa, all are based on so called Pro-Market fundamentals but it is very surprising that when it comes to politics he is adopting such an Anti-Market approach.


Is it so unjustifiable to offer Rs. 125 per Day to farm laborers or Mr. Sharad Pawar has different calculation in mind for his “Big Farmer  Friends”. Can he reply to a fact why Maharashtra tops in farmer suicide?

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