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Banyan Tree Infomedia Launches

, March 31, 2012, 0 Comments

One of India’s fastest growing e-media companies, Banyan Tree Infomedia, has announced the launch of yet another website. The site is called and is aimed at making everyone’s experience on the internet, that much better. is the latest addition to the 109 series of websites that started with When asked about the 109 bit, the company spokesperson explained that radio frequencies in India end at 108 so naming the sites 109 symbolizes that every 109 site tries to go beyond every other site in the same field.

Coupons109, as the name suggests, deals with providing its visitors with discount coupons from a variety of brands and organizations that include brands like Bagit, Ebay, Pizzahut, Fastrack, HDFC Bank and many more. The first thing that the users will notice, when visiting the site, is the simplicity of the design and the ease with which one can navigate the site.

The site also boasts of a very detailed categorization that makes it possible for users to find what they are looking for, without having to wander around the site too much. This in addition to the variety of coupons and discount codes available on the site, itself ensures that visitors get what they came looking for.

To add to the all the goodies also ensures that you don’t miss any of the new discounts being offered by allowing you to create alerts that you can receive in your email. Another assurance the website provides is that all the coupons that are submitted on the site are verified prior to publication so as to avoid providing users with invalid coupons. Overall the sites aim is to be a one stop coupon shop for all its users and give them an interface that is easy to navigate.