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Highlights of Railway Budget

, March 14, 2012, 0 Comments

Mr Dinesh Trivedi, Railway Minister presented a pragmatic budget which addresses the fundamental issues such as Financial health and sustainability over long term. Unlike earlier railway budgets he raised train fares across classes. Some of the highlight of his railway budget are

    2 paise per km for suburban and ordinary second class
    3  paise per km for mail/express second class
    5  paise per km for sleeper class
    10 paise per km for AC Chair Car, AC 3 tier and First Class
    15 paise per km for AC 2 tier
    30 paise per km for AC I
  • SMS on passenger mobile phone in case of e-ticket to be accepted as proof of valid reservation
  • On board passenger displays indicating next halt station and expected arrival time to be introduced.
  • Introduction of satellite based real time train information system (SIMRAN) to provide train running information to passengers through SMS, internet.
  • Introduction of coin/currency operated ticket vending machines
  • 75 new Express trains to be introduced
  • 21 new passenger services, 9 DEMU services and 8 MEMU services to be introduced
  • 75 additional services to run in Mumbai suburban
  • 44 new suburban services to be introduced in Kolkata area
  • 50 new services to be introduced in Kolkata Metro
  • 18 additional services in Chennai area
  • 725 km new lines, 700 km doubling, 800 km gauge conversion and 1,100 km electrification targeted in 2012-13
  • Setting up of 200 remote railway stations as ‘green energy stations’ powered entirely by solar energy

Companies related to Railway budgets were trading mix during current trading session.  Stocks such as Titaghar Wagon [stockquote]TWL[/stockquote], Kalindee Rail [stockquote]KALINDEE [/stockquote], Kernex Micro [stockquote]KERNEX [/stockquote], Texmaco Rail [stockquote]TEXRAIL [/stockquote]and Container Corp [stockquote]CONCOR [/stockquote] were trading in negative territory.


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