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Nokia unveils real time app ‘traffic feature’

, March 30, 2012, 0 Comments

Nokia India today unveiled a real-time traffic service app  ‘traffic feature’ on Nokia smart-phones. Developed by Nokia and powered by Navteq traffic pro the app offers coverage with detailed information on traffic speeds on roads to enable accurate estimated arrival times that would help consumers to save time and fuel.

Location is at core of our vision for future and we aim to empower people via location-aware technology” Vipul Mehrotra – Nokia India

‘Traffic feature’ is available to all Nokia smart-phone that has Symbian and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. Currently app is free of cost.

Subscriber of Mumbai and Delhi can avail the new offering. Company is planning to launch the application in more cities in near future depending on acceptance.

Nokia aims to leverage on its domain strength to build and monetise unique location experiences for mobile products, navigation industry and automotive market. The company will also develop platform services for device manufacturers, application developers, internet services providers, merchants, and advertisers.

‘Traffic Feature’ could be answer to ‘Google Maps’ offered by Android based smart phones.

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