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Windows 8 – Finding the “Art of Simplicity”

, March 9, 2012, 1 Comments

Windows 8, what so new about it. It breaths fresh life into Windows OS  in terms of Simplicity and Elegance. It  tries to break the shackles from the various perspectives -User Experience , UI, innovative features and out of box thinking and most important stressing on the “Art of Design”. The recent attempt or concept is relaying  on “Metro” interface  that is current on the current Windows Phone platform. One thing is sure that how it well received by the market and the design community but it feels good seeing that all the major software manufacturers have arrived at the consensus that the SIMPLICITY, MULTITASKING and  COMPATIBILITY are the road to success for them.

UI- Theme based on Windows Phone Platform

Unification Theory:
Borrowing up features from other hardware and peripherals and devices.

Dual Monitor:
Viewing of  two instance of  Windows8

Removing of START Icon:
Trying to think differently

Over all we see Microsoft trying to compete with other OS in terms of Design and Simplicity


  • Shveta_puc

    Simple yet sophisticated new software interface…:):)

    Hope it is made available soon for each and every user and households/industries….!!!!