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Why it is awesome to start a company when there’s a downturn

, October 18, 2013, 0 Comments

Over the last few days a slew of bad news on the economic front (falling currency, stock market tumbles) has had many entrepreneurs and folks in the press ask me if they should put off their entrepreneurial venture to a later year.

My own experience is summed up by an attitude I developed many years ago “Everywhere I go, I always take the weather with me”.

The best entrepreneurs don’t care what happens around them. They are acutely aware, keenly observant, but largely undeterred and unconcerned – about the economy, macro conditions and price of fuel.

Start  a company during down turn

There are 3 great things about downturn & why to start a company?

1. There are far fewer companies starting, because the fence-sitters develop cold feet. So the “competition” is much less.

2. Since there are far fewer companies starting, the fight for both talent and funding is less so. I hired the best folks in 2001 and again in 2008 (when the sub prime crisis hit).

3. Everyone who is a service provider from lawyers and accountants to landlords and the telecom provider is willing to cut you a good deal.

As Nike says – Just do it.



Photograph source: Nike Women  “Make Yourself”  – Inspiration meets aspiration – unveiling the Make Yourself Team.