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iphone 5c slick,colourful & most importantly affordable

, October 2, 2013, 0 Comments

iphone 5c stylist affordable colorful smartphone

iPhone 5c ultra fast wireless, colorful smartphone with amazing retina display, 8MP camera, new iOS makes it a quality investment on iphone which is affordable.

It’s no longer that phone you envy or the one you look at when window shopping at the mall. Apple’s iPhone 5c has much more to it than just being the cheaper and colourful version of the iPhone. It’s a smartphone that everyone can afford. So if you’ve always waited for that moment to get your iPhone, this is it. The new iPhone 5c and more advanced 5s is soon to hit Indian markets around Diwali.

This low-cost alternative of the iPhone is great for everyone looking to save some money and still own one of the more expensive brands in the market today. The iPhone 5c is slick, colorful and most importantly, affordable.

The moment I heard Apple was to come out with a cheaper version of the iPhone, I had to find out if it was going to be a good buy or if it was going to feel as plastic as some of its plastic competitors in the market. My honest verdict on the design is that the plastic on the iPhone 5c does not look cheap. It is definitely a smartphone with a plastic shell I’d like to use. Like all iPhones, this one here is great to hold and the perfect size for texting. My only question is: why didn’t Apple come out with this 2 years before when they came out with the 4s?

It’s engineered with the A6 chip, a 4-inch Retina display, an 8MP iSight camera and the latest iOS 7. In comparison to the iPhone 4 and 4s (both of which I already own), this phone is far superior in picture quality and display. When placed next to an older generation iPhone, this phone has a display that screams supreme clarity and sharpness.

I always thought that the picture quality in an iPhone irrespective of model produced more natural colors compared to its competitors. However, when this phone is compared to an older generation iPhone, the difference in picture quality is stark and is far more sharper and more natural on the iPhone 5c.

The iPhone 5c comes in 6 Apple-designed phone colors and several colored cases leaving room for everyone to personalize their phones to their hearts content. Mix and match or have it one uniform color, this phone is definitely one that makes a statement.

To the end user, it just means all of Apple’s coolest features packed in one colorful punch.

Affordable – For anyone looking to invest in a smartphone and for those looking to save a few’s, the iPhone 5c is a great option to consider.

Stylish – It is an extremely stylish phone that is a perfect gift/buy for colorful people to sport their colorful personas.

Is it the best one out there? The simple and straightforward answer is No. However, the best one out there comes with a hefty price tag. The iPhone 5c is the best one out there for the price conscious smartphone lovers.