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4 corporate lessons my preschooler taught me: Leading The Way

, September 18, 2014, 0 Comments

4 corporate lessons preschooler MarketExpress-inOver the years gone by, I have educated myself through university qualifications, read many helpful books, some of which I have shared here and attended many professional seminars. But, recently I realized that my preschooler has more to offer me along with being my bundle of joy. On close observation, she taught me the following important lessons useful in our daily work life:

Go with the flow– you do not necessarily like some of the things that happen at work. Some of us vocalize our disinterest while others grudgingly succumb, thinking that we do not have a choice. We always have a choice. We have a choice to reframe the situation and get our way depending on our personal goals. Does your boss choose a less interesting project over the more interesting one? Fighting it and making your side of the story heard may not always win. In this situation we need to fight the fights we can win. We need to pick and choose. You do not like the project, that’s ok! But it has to be done to keep your job. Do the basics required and ignite your passion when a more interesting project comes up. But Go With The Flow…

Do not ask to initiate– this is what my preschooler does best. This attitude is not always welcome, because sometimes it can be dangerous. You do not have to necessarily be in a “senior position” to make a difference. You can make a difference in your own way. For example, you can build connectedness and collaboration in your team by sharing some useful tips or productivity tools that you found on the Internet. For the first few weeks it may be only you, but your idea would have snowballed sooner than you think. It may even become an enterprise idea.

Take the plunge– do what makes you happy. If your parents pushed you to become someone, thank them but remember it is your life and it comes around only once. So, join the foreign language class or start to paint. Just remember it is never too late to follow your passion. I am not saying hand in your resignation at work today, buy a canvas and colors and start painting. I am saying carve out some time to pursue your interest and over time you will be ready to make it mainstream.

Never stop learning– in an earlier article I said continuous learning is no longer a choice for the working professional. And it is not a choice, it is mandatory if you want to shine and stand out from the crowd. It does not have to be a three-year university qualification always, it can very well be a certificate from MOOC but you have begun a lifelong journey to learn. It may not always be a direct match to what you do but it shows your interest to learn. A potential employer will recognize this initiative you have taken and it will be appreciated. And being well read always has benefits.

What are your lessons to bring more meaning to your work life?