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A nutshell of a beginner’s guide to Evernote

, March 16, 2015, 0 Comments

evernote powerhouse marketexpress-inThis is going to take a lot more than patience to understand the ocean of organization that is called “Evernote”. It is like finding your inner peace with it. Just take it all in and you will find yourself charmed into the world of Evernote. We’re not going to lie – Evernote can be very intimidating for a person new to this application. And one of the top questions you will find all over the world wide web is how to get started with Evernote.

Guide to Evernote: Getting Started

First of all, Evernote is available across most platforms – Windows, Mac, Android, Windows phone and iOS. Download Evernote on your device – desktop, laptop, tablet, phone etc. Next, you create an account using your email address. You are allowed upto 60MB of data uploads each month with a free account. There is also a premium and a business version.

Creating Notes and Notebooks

Once you’ve created your account, Evernote will create a default notebook in your account. Choose notebooks and click on “+New Notebook” to create a new notebook. Under each notebook, you can create notes. When you open a notebook, you will see an option – “+New Note in (notebook name)”. You can click this option to create a note under the notebook. Every note can have multiple tags, have reminders set to it, converted into a presentation(available in premium versions), merged with other notes and shared with others.

Make the most of Web Clipper and Clearly

Evernote’s Clearly is an add on to your web browser that lets you read the web distraction free. No more ads and distracting logos on websites to keep your mind wandering. With Clearly, you can also quickly clip content to your Evernote account. Unlike Evernote Clearly, Web Clipper is more of a tool meant for clipping than it is for reading. You can clip specific texts, articles and images to your Evernote notebooks. What’s even better is you can clip even from your emails to Evernote.


Evernote provides you with a private email address that you can get from your Account Info. For example, your Evernote email address will look something like this – life****** You can share this email address to your friends and colleagues for them to email your Evernote directly. You can directly email notes to your Evernote account making your life so much simpler.

Blog through

You can simply create a notebook that will act as your blog. Sign up at and the site pulls notes directly from the notebook dedicated specially for your blog.

A powerhouse

To experience Evernote’s power to the fullest, the best thing to do is download Evernote on all platforms you own – desktop, laptop, web extension, phone, tablet etc. The whole purpose of Evernote is to help you stay organized at any point or place in your life. And for that, you would need to be connected to Evernote from any point or place. The ability to use Evernote from multiple devices brings out the true ability of Evernote in keeping your life organized.

The key to not getting intimidated by Evernote is to get into full on and have fun with it as you go. Make use of features like the clipper, clearly and email notes to your account. All of this should make Evernote a breeze to understand and that ought to get your organized for life.


Graphics Credit:  rodrigogurgel