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Responsible Living

, April 16, 2015, 0 Comments

responsible living MarketExpress-inWhen we propagate what we want, think, feel, believe it is good to check whether we have regard to the sentiments, feelings and beliefs of others or the need of the moment. To have an objective view, ones ability to discern has to function. Generally, when any strong fervor grips oneself, it impairs our ability to see things for what they are and it clouds our judgment.

At a fundamental level, we are driven by our desires and the wants born therefrom. The hold of all the impressions gathered over time is immense; hence it is very difficult to break habits. Also, ones conditioning determines the ideas of right and wrong. The world we live in is the world we see, it’s not necessary the way it is.

As long as we function in a microcosm the impact of us asserting what we want and feel is limited to its boundaries. When circle of impact increases along with our position of power, we create havoc by imposing what we want on people around us.

How does one determine what is right and wrong. The most fundamental dip test is to take a top down approach. We have to examine what we wish to assert or do is complies with the law of the land, the cultural values, is for the benefit of all the relevant stakeholders, whether asserting my views would harm and/or have an adverse impact on others, what is the need of the hour and lastly and what would the impact of my action be in a long run for the relevant stakeholders and on me. If a particular view or action of mine shows a deviation from the aforesaid, then, it is necessary to pause, deliberate, to re-examine the source of the will to indulge in action.

Whether the source is rooted in selfish, egocentric, fanatical notions and/or prejudices born from deep conditioning – it’s incumbent upon us to not act. Where it is not rooted in selfish, egocentric, fanatical and/or prejudices, it is necessary to confer with the relevant stakeholder’s, deliberate and then act. Finally, even after conferring, it may be that there is an impasse and/or we believe that the proposed action is the right thing to do in the given circumstances, then, we should do it. However, this action is not a reaction or a thoughtless assertion if will, it is a well deliberated and a responsible response. Such response will create a positive impact whether immediately or in a long run.

Righteousness can be dangerous if such righteousness if an outcome of conditioning without exercise of discrimination. All the dictators, fanatics, crusaders of various causes are propelled by a righteous cause. What needs to be seen whether the so called righteous cause is an outcome of selfishness born out if one’s own conditioning and prejudices or a cause devoid of selfishness and an outcome of discerning and born out of an higher purposes that is for universal good. There is no running away from our responsibility to think beyond ourselves and see what is actually needed, to give others a fair hearing, to find solutions that are in the interest of all and which guide us and others for towards a life of higher purpose, a life for universal good.

Such a responsible life will create worthy mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, family, friend, employee, citizen and a worthy human being. Beyond all concepts, conditioning, likes and dislikes, prejudices, is the realm of the discerning intellect that shines its light to show us everything for what it is. That’s our friend that we must never forsake. Our intellect enables us to witness our desires, thoughts, impulses, emotions, actions whether as words or deeds and guides us to know whether they are rooted in selfish intent or an higher purpose for the betterment of all and oneself.

Life of responsible living is an awakened life beyond grasp of one’s mind and its conjuring. It’s definitely something to think about try out. It’s only then we will know how it impacts our life and the life of others. Life of responsibility is an awakening that sets us free from our limitations born from selfishness and self-centered will.

Image Credits: Kriish Hate