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Life & Growing up blues

, January 1, 2016, 0 Comments

growing-up-blues-marketexpress-inLast weekend, my six year old and I were busy baking cupcakes for her school fair. She was busy licking the frostilng off the spoon when she said “I want to be a baker when I grow up. “What do you want to be when you grow up Mum?” Admittedly, I was taken aback. I dodged answering the question then. But much later, I thought about my possible answer.

When I was five, I wanted to be an engine driver and, much later, a trapeze artist. When it came to stepping into the real world, I chose an education that would land me a job quickly and add the necessary feathers in my cap.

But what I REALLY wanted was, to be a published writer with my books on shelves in famous bookshops.

I didn’t follow this path. Life came in the way. I did an MBA and joined my friends and became one of the rats in the rat race.

What really stops us?

Financial obligations
What others think we should do
What we (sometimes mistakenly) think is good for us
Avoiding discomfort of moving out of our comfort zone
Wanting to start a new but not knowing how
The ‘It’s too late, refrain

What can we do about it?

Increase your self-awareness – Asking yourself specific questions such as — What do I want to do? Am I doing what I want to do? If what you want to do matches what you are doing, then that’s great but if not what now?

Bridge the Gap – Draw up a plan of to understand how you can get from now to the future. Include everything from enhancing skills to financial obligations

Work on the plan by starting small. This could include part time jobs or possibly starting your own venture. Check if your jewellery making has what it takes

If you see a potential and can financially do it, then just do it

It’s never too late. Recently, a 93 year old, graduated from Sydney University with a PhD

People can think what they want to. Who’s listening;)

You only live once. If you can do what is needed to make yourself content, then go for it.  I’m following the advice and have started small. I write content for a few sites. As for the book, watch this space…

What do you want to be when you grow up?