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Things we miss from life before the 2000s

, March 3, 2016, 0 Comments

miss-from-life-2000-marketexpress-in-Technology has changed our lives significantly over the last decade. From the way we communicate with each other to how we listen to music or even watch TV, the newer technology solutions seemed to have crept up in a way that’s not intrusive. It’s just gotten rid of certain habits/behaviours that were a significant part of our daily lives before the boom of the millennia.

Here’s 5 habits/behaviours we miss in today’s era:

Listening to the manual radio – Remember tuning into your favorite show on FM to listen to your latest hits? Or to listen to the news around noon?

Reading the print newspapers every morning – Be it your companion with your morning coffee or for the ablutions after, reading the printed newspaper every morning felt like a major accomplishment for the day. It also made for a good discussion with your buddies at get togethers.

Solving the Sunday crossword – I don’t know about you. But solving that crossword and a handful of other smaller puzzles every Sunday was a thing in my home. My sister and I would race to the newspapers during the weekends to finish up our puzzles. We were even made to switch to using pencils by our mother as a consideration for the one that came last.

Handwritten letters/postcards – The only letters we get in the mail these days seem to be from the credit card company, kindly reminding us to pay the bill. Back in the 80s and 90s, handwritten letters were some of the most cherished gifts to receive from a loved one. And an opportunity to put forth your best writing.

Print photo books/albums – These books were the most precious books in every household. People actually spent time looking through printed photos when they were free. These albums were also shown off to visitors with a sense of pride.

That’s our list of things we miss about life before the millennium. What are some things you miss before the 2000s?