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What is Petcube and how does it hold up against home security cameras

, July 1, 2016, 0 Comments

petcube-home-security-cameras-marketexpress-inWe have new technology to soothe the nerves of anxious pet owners all over the world. All you need is a good Wifi connection at home and a solid 4G connection/wifi connection at your workplace or wherever you are to check on your beloved four-legged friend. Petcube is a revolutionary new pet camera that not only streams live video to you. It also lets you interact with your pet to calm them down and rid them of the separation anxiety.

Design and Features
The Petcube camera is a fairly decent looking cube with 4X4X4 inch aluminum housing with a 138 degree wide angle camera that can stream 720p HD video. If that’s not enough, it provides a 2-way audio stream that lets you talk to your pet and have them bow or meow to you. It also has a built in laser pointer to play with your pet during office breaks. The camera itself is not a blasphemy to design and can hold up well with most decor. Another cool feature is being able to click pictures as you watch the live feed.

All you need is a solid Wifi connection and you are seconds away from setting up your device. The reason why I keep reiterating that you need a solid wifi connection is because you are able to experience the true purpose of this product only when you have a really good wifi connection that will have no problems in streaming HD video at any point of time without causing lags and freezes. The setup process is fairly simple. Petcube uses an app that is available for both android and iOS users to help you set up your device. And this should take you no longer than 5 mins to get it going.

Like I already mentioned, if you have a good internet connection, interacting with your pet shouldn’t be cumbersome. However, there are times when I have experienced slight lags while using the 2- way audio stream to interact with my sister’s pet. It also takes a bit of training for dogs, especially to take to the laser pointer game which should come quite naturally to cats and smaller dogs.

How does it differ from home security cameras?
The fact that Petcube lets you play with your pet is definitely unique and a feature that no other home security camera offers currently. The Petcube is not an inexpensive device and costs $199 for one camera which will already give me a Nest Dropcam that lets me do the 2- way talk plus the HD video (only better quality). However, I don’t see Petcube being able to match up to home security cameras that do a significantly better job of streaming video and audio unless they come up with cooler unique only-for-pets features in their next update.